The Last Wish

Prior to the formation of Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld was a member of a local Houston band named “The Last Wish.” The band released two albums, both of which are difficult to find today. If you have any live tracks, mp3s from the vinyl single, or the cassette tape demo, photos, info or anything related to The Last Wish, Including The Public Broadcast video that aired on PBS Down in Texas please email me at brandonf.dundermifflin@gmail.com

Feel free to post memories, questions , comments or anything regarding the band.

This page contains the information that I know about The Last Wish so far.

Song Lyrics can be found at (link will open new window)


Expert from Wikipedia

“The Last Wish was a rock band from Houston, Texas, noted for being the first band of Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld. Ryan Delahoussaye of Blue October played with The Last Wish at a couple shows, but he was never a member of the band. The group had a strong fanbase in Houston, where they played several sold out shows[1]. Furstenfeld left the group in 1995 while they were working on their third album.[2] Furstenfeld still plays Last Wish songs during his solo shows, and Blue October has played Last Wish songs on occasion


Insider Facts:

  • Song writing collaboration was often shared by Greg Hammond, Amy Immel and Justin Furstenfeld.
  • The [First of February] album was recorded at Deep Dot studios in Houston, and was named for an unusual snowfall in Houston
  • Band members attended [Bellaire High School (Bellaire, Texas)Bellaire High School], and HSPVA
  • Early Last Wish gigs were in the lower level of Fitzgerald’s (AKA Zeldas)in the Heights area of Houston
  • 1994 Gigs @ Toads Tavern, Zeldas, Cafe Artiste, the Mucky Duck, The Abyss in Houston
  • A vinyl single was produced
  • A Christmas tape of unmixed songs from the unreleased third album was handed out to band members after the split in 1995. **** What songs were on this  tape anyone know ******


The Formally Known Song From The Last Wish “Amanda Gently” has gone through some changes over the years and has been renamed “Who Am I?” and was listed as being demoed during preproduction but was not recorded for the final cut of there next album titled Approaching Normal.

In 1995 Justin broke up with his highschool band The Last Wish while they were working on there 3rd album. a quote from a news paper article explains the situation “I wanted to start clean and fresh. They got pretty pissed, because we were in the middle of making our next CD, so I had to take four songs off the CD that were important to me that I had written. They sent out a postcard dogging me for leaving the band. I think it said, ‘Justin has left the band to pursue his rock-star career.’ It made me look really bad.”


Deep Dot Studio’s Montrose Blvd. Houston Tx

Owned & Operated by Redo Makeshift & Kay Bonya


The Last Wish played at their appearance on Rice University Radio (KTRU) If Any one has a recording of the live show @ KTRU Radio email me @ Brandonf.dundermifflin@gmail.com . Acording To Keiv on the Blue October Open Book. He posted that they played two preformances. The one below is the set list for one, and both dates are unknown. So if any one has more info on this and can give me the set list to the other show as wells as possibly a recording along with the dates you would be a great help.

01 Whispers
02 Maryann’s Circus
03 Go On
04 Sunflower Soulmate
05 For My Brother
06 Forks and Pens
07 Softly Kill Me
08 You Made Me What I Am
09 Amanda Gently
10 Goodbye
11 Artha

12 Remember

13 Don’t Care


Review of First of February From Houston Press.


The Last Wish
The First of February
Royal Blue Productions

The Last Wish has built an enviable local following in what seems like a mere moment (though the CD at hand is actually a follow-up to the band’s Rooftop Sessions tape) and it’s not hard to see why. Seven kids — boys and girls, mostly still in their teens — playing mellow music that even their parents must be proud to recommend to strangers makes for a unique cross-generational appeal in the local scene. And if the kids forego the tired youth-rock sounds of guitar, guitar and more guitar in favor of gently rolling R.E.M.-meets-10,000 Maniacs compositions featuring prominent violins and cello, all the better to set them apart from the crowd, my dear.

In large part it works, especially if you’re the sort of college student who thinks it’s a crime that your student fees are used to help finance KTRU, which, as everybody knows, is a rat’s nest of cliquish miscreants who only play ugly music that nobody likes. The First of February isn’t ugly. In fact, it’s downright pretty, with the lilting melodies of singers Justin Furstenfeld and Amy Immel wafting over strummed acoustic chord progressions, punctuated by feisty fiddle lines and laid out on a haunting bed of stringed ambiance.

What doesn’t work can be attributed to the flip side of one of the band’s strengths — youth. The Last Wish has a tendency to ride a simple chord progression too far, turning some of these songs into repetitive marathons. Likewise, when the group builds these jams into their crescendos, the groove can start to fall apart under the strain of so many elements fighting to keep up. And at 70-plus minutes and running, the music can’t fully support Furstenfeld’s overbearing melancholy, which reaches a whiny peak on the unfortunately titled “Down.”

But overindulgence isn’t a crime at this stage of the game, just a fault with plenty of time to be overcome, and with that in mind, The First of February sounds like fresh air.

— Brad Tyer


Rooftop Sessions

Rooftop Sessions is the first album by The Last Wish. It was released on cassette tape in 1993. The song “Mountain” was the first song ever written by Justin Furstenfeld and is a staple at his solo concerts. The Song “You” Was played a 5591 preformance

Last Wish 1st Album: Rooftop Sessions


Released: 1993

Recorded: Deep Dot Studios, September 5 and October 6th 1993

Label: Royal Blue Productions

Producer: ????(any one out there know who it is – same person as on there second album )????

Track List

1. Never Dreams
2. Misti Blue
3. Circle Of 11
4. One More Time
5. Soul Bruised
6. Don’t Care
7. Mountain
8. Softly Kill Me
9. Goodbye
10. You
11. Rooftops


First of February

“The First of February is the second album by The Last Wish. It was recorded at Deep Dot Studios in Houston, Texas in the winter of 1994. The songs “Royal Blue”, “The First Time”, “Still Broken”, “Artha”, “Cattleprod”, and “Whispers” have been performed by 5591 and Blue October. “Whispers” was demoed by Blue October and renamed “Pigtail Pretty Baby”. ”

Lyrics for the songs on the album were written by Justin Furstenfeld, except Regrets was written by Greg Hammond, Amy’s Song and That Morning were written by Amy Immel, and Tangerine was co-written by Amy Immel and Justin Furstenfeld. Photographs for the album art were taken by Gina Melosi.

Last Wish 2nd Album: First Of February


Released: 1995

Recorded: Winter 1994

Label: Royal Blue Productions

Producer: Redo Makeshift

Track Listings

  1. “Royal Blue”
  2. “Paris on Paper”
  3. “Amy’s Song”
  4. “Turn to Grey”
  5. “The First Time”
  6. “Remember”
  7. “That Morning”
  8. “Autumn Midnight”
  9. “Tangerine”
  10. “Still Broken”
  11. “Regrets”
  12. “Down”
  13. “Hero in Virus”
  14. “Artha”
  15. “Cattleprod”
  16. “Whispers”

7” Single ”The Last wish”

Released:(c) 1995

Recorded: Deep Dot Stuido’s


Producer: Redo Makeshift

Side A

1. Goodbye

Side B

1. Go On

2. Black Orchid

Demo (Cassette Tape) 

Released: Unknown

Recorded: Unknown 

Label: Unknown 

Producer: Unknown

Track List: (not sure what songs where on which side or correct order) 

Picture as i was told was a hand holding a lit match in the darkness

1. Amanda Gently 

2. Black Orchid 

3. Marryann’s Circus 


Other Pics Of “The First Of February Album”







Some picture i made for the song regrets 


  1. Did you have any luck finding these last wish albums? I would absolutely love to get my hands on them. Help?

  2. Man if you ever get a hold of these let me know. I wore my cassetes out almost a decade ago. I remember watching them on some public access show and even called and spoke with Justin to get on the mailing list. I wish I still had them so my girlfriend could hear how awesme they we even back then.

  3. The last wish also released a 7″ single, titled “The Last Wish”, copyright 1995. Side A has the song “Goodbye”, Side B has “Go On” and “Black Orchid”
    It was also recorded and mixed at Deep Dot Studio by Redo Makeshift. You can see the cover art at the Deep Dot page at the Kable site.http://www.kablekaybonya.com/id25.html

  4. how did u get a copy?

  5. Hello, I was lucky enough to see the Last Wish for their set at SXSW at the “Hole in the Wall” up by 19th street in Austin. They performed just before a 2-hour set by Javelin Boot, a local Austin band. The were a delight to sit & speak with after their set, and the best songs were from the never-to-be-released third album. I did buy a copy of “The First of February”, if anynoe needs a copy. I’d love to trade for a copy of the first album or anything else they did. Rick

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